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Does Your Gym Website Convert?

Your website is your first impression on the internet. Within seconds, a first impression is made about your gym. Is the site clean and easy to read? Are your images crisp? Does the written content show your business’ personality and how open and friendly your community of members are/will be to new members? These are some of the things to think about when you look at your site through the eyes of someone who is looking for a business like yours.

Let’s Be Honest, You Want Sales, Not Just a Pretty Face.

Your website’s esthetics are one component of having a successful site. But the true purpose of a website is to have an online tool that can bring in revenue. Albeit, that takes more than just being good looking. Here are three key points to think about when you ask yourself, “Is my website ready to convert?”

  1. If I had less than two minutes to find a gym and join, can I do that on my website? Have you heard of the 59 Second Rule? The 59 Second Rule states, “If you haven’t generated interest in 59 seconds, then you probably aren’t going to.” You want to convert, and convert efficiently before your prospect loses interest.
  2. If I was a visitor to my website, do I know where to start my journey into buying something (for our purposes, a membership)? SEO apps push for at least 300 words a page and up to 900 words on a cornerstone content page. Sometimes, this can make your website look way too cluttered and busy. There is such thing as TMI (too much information) when creating a website. Your home page should be welcoming. The call to action buttons should be very clear, and lastly, within a couple of clicks, your prospect should be able to buy what you are selling (this is why Amazon does so well with one-click purchases). Users will leave your site in frustration if you force them into a longwinded journey or if they can’t find the starting point at all. This is why PushPress Sites have a very clear GET STARTED tab on the main menu, and JOIN NOW buttons in two locations on the Home Page of our template.
  3. Finally, does my website communicate with my member management software? Do your leads get placed into a lead funnel or do they dead end into your abyss of emails? When someone fills out your lead form, you should be immediately notified and they should instantaneously be placed into your member management software as a lead. Timing is everything and missing that one message can cost you a potential member, or more.


If you would like more information how a PushPress Site can help you generate revenue with great pricing and unlimited support, schedule a quick consultation call here. We can create a website made to convert no matter what gym management system you use.