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Google is the number one search engine. If you don’t have Google My Business for your gym, you need to set one up… like yesterday. Google My Business is where you control what people see when they search for your business and the services you offer, plus much more. This also puts you on the map, literally. The information you publish, like your hours, website URL, photos, and address, will be what Google users see on Google Maps and on the all important Search. In fact, Google My Business is the top driver of local business SEO.

There is a level of security for potential members that you are legitimate since you have been vetted by Google through the process of obtaining My Business for your gym. Your reputation through Google Reviews will also help solidify your gym’s reputation as the place to be. Google Reviews also have an impact on your Google ranking, so be sure to encourage your members to submit their positive reviews (also, don’t forget to check your My Business dashboard frequently and reply to every review). You will also get information on how people search for your gym and where they are located in order to help you define your demographic. This is great information that can be used for Google and Facebook Ads audiences. And this is all FOR FREE!

Are you Ready To Sign Up For Google My Business?

It only takes a few minutes.

  • First, click HERE and enter in your business information.
  • Select the Google account you want to use.
  • Search for your business and click it.
  • Google then verifies your business. Click “Mail Me My Code” and your code will be mailed to the address of the location you previously indicated as your business.
  • Be sure to take the tour.
  • Add your profile photo (logo), as well as all of the other important information like your business hours, photos of your gym, happy members, etc. that you want to share with Google searchers.

You can also start engaging with the Google+ community through your Google My Business dashboard. This dashboard is an all-in-one to manage your Google Maps, Search, Google +, Reviews, Insights, and Analytics.

*Sidenote: Do You Need to Set Up Your Business Email?

We recommend PushPress clients use Google for email since we integrate with Google calendar. Moreover, additional integrations may come through the pipeline in the future. If you are not a PushPress client but would like to see if we match your business needs, click here for a free 10-minute consultation with an expert (over 30 years in cumulative gym ownership ourselves) in gym management.